#Salud4All Matching Funds Rules

During the month of July, HIPGive will celebrate #Salud4all. A campaign focused on supporting California grassroot organizations in their efforts to build healthier Latino communities.

Thanks to the generous support of The California Endowment, we will be offering $10,000 in matching funds to duplicate the donations received by participating organizations.

The #Salud4all matching funds present a huge opportunity to encourage donors to give now and give more, drumming up excitement and support for the campaigns. We’ve prepared these tips to help you make the most of it! Many organizations will be competing for these funds, so please read the following guidelines carefully to ensure that you understand and communicate the opportunity correctly.

1. Who can participate?

Any California-based organization that has signed up to participate in #Salud4All and has a live HIPGive crowdfunding campaign focused on health issues in the Latino community during the month of July.

2. How will the funds be allocated?

We will split up the $10,000 in two different days.

On Thursday, June 28th, we will offer $5,000 in matching funds, and on Tuesday, July 10th we will offer the remaining $5,000.

Donations made on the HIPGive platform will be matched (duplicated) starting at 12:00 PM PST in the order in which they come in until the $5,000 are depleted.

3. What is the fine print?

  • There is no limit on the total amount of matched donations that an organization can receive, but there are caps on the total amount that can be matched from any individual donor.
  • The maximum amount matched per individual donor will be $500.

4. What does this mean for participating organizations?

Funds are likely to run out quickly! To benefit from these matching funds, please remember to advise your donors to donate as soon as the matching funds are released (12:00 PM PST). 

Remember that the maximum amount matched per donor will be $500, regardless of the number of times a person gives. For example, if someone makes two donations, one of $250 and one of $300 (totaling $550), only $500 of the total given will be matched, meaning you would receive $1050 in the end.

Matching funds do not count towards your crowdfunding goal, and will be counted separately and added to the total you raise at the end of your campaign.

Donations are matched in the order in which they are received, meaning that a donation made at 12:00 PM will be matched before a donation given at 1:00 PM and so on. As soon as the matching funds ($5000 for each day) run out, no more donations will be matched for that day.

5. When will I find out about matching funds results?

There will be a high volume of donations during #Salud4All, and our team wants to make sure all the matching funds are allocated correctly. Therefore, we review the donation data carefully, and will announce the results a few days after the matching days. We understand that there is a lot of excitement and anticipation to hear the results, so we truly appreciate your patience.