What is Crowdfunding?


Crowdfunding is not a new invention. Nonprofit organizations have always engaged in more informal forms of crowdfunding for ages — as it is simply the process raising funds through a group of people who support a project or idea with small contributions to reach a larger fundraising goal. Telethons, in-person fundraising events, and other small dollar donation efforts for a collective goal can all be considered “crowdfunding.” What is new is the recent rise of platforms that allow organizations to fund a project online and use social media and technology to connect with a larger number of people to amplify the project’s reach and impact.

HIPGive provides the crowdfunding infrastructure and training necessary for organizations working in Latino communities to raise funds for nuestra comunidad. But before you get started, here are some valuable resources for you to review. Take some time to read and watch our frequently asked questions, our in-depth fundraising manual, our video tutorial on making that critical crowdfunding video, our graphic design tools, our social media management tools, and many more training resources. The more time you spend upfront learning about crowdfunding and effective strategies, the better your own HIPGive campaign will be.

Ready, set, go! It’s time to learn!


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