Your #LatinosGive Communications Checklist

As you engage in a crescendo of emails and social media posts in the run up to #GivingTuesday, your communications are likely to reach thousands of people. How can you predict if your messaging will be effective? What makes the difference between a message that raises people’s awareness and one that really inspires people to  get out their credit card and give?

Based on our work with hundreds of nonprofits running crowdfunding campaigns every year, we’ve put together this quick checklist of the six most essential components that every communications campaign should include. It’s not too late to review your #LatinosGive communications strategy and make some quick fixes in time for the big day.

1. Does your video warrant attention? 

Don’t be fooled: nobody will watch all the way through your five-minute “official” video. It’s too long! Better to create a one-off appeal lasting 30-50 seconds, like the one made by the tutors from Centro Nuestra Sagrada Familia in “Technology: a passport to the future.

2. Have you told a compelling story?

It’s easy to justify your project using the facts, but that only serves to show you know what you’re talking about. If you really want to convince people to give, you have to speak to the heart. A story told in video or photos, or  a testimony at the beginning of your project description, is the best way to generate empathy and inspire people to give now. Check out how Amextra use this very technique in “Empower youth entrepreneurs.”

3. Do you make your donors feel special?

People are not ATMs: we don’t give because we have cash to spare, but because we want to help change our world for the better. Make your donors feel part of something important by using phrases such as “with your support” or “together we can,” and make sure you describe your work in the first person too!

4. Do you explain how they can double their donation?

We have $10,000 to match donations at four times throughout Tuesday November 27th. It’s a huge opportunity!  But remember, matching funds will run out very quickly so it’s important that you encourage donors to give in the right time slots. Here’s everything you need to know about how matching funds will work this year. Don’t forget to share the times clearly on social media to avoid disappointment.

5. Do you build trust through transparency?

People are more likely to give when they know exactly how their contribution will be used. Include a brief explanation of how much money you need, exactly what you’ll spend the money on, and how that will translate into fulfilling the overall objective of the project. Even better, encourage donors to give certain amounts by presenting clear “donation levels,” like the team from Mexico Vivo does in “Let’s put an end to AIDS.”

And last but not least,

6. Don’t forget your call to action!

Once you’ve got their attention, don’t presume your audience knows what to do next. Include a clear call to action in all your communications asking them to donate now. You can use a button or insert an actionable phrase, just make sure it links to your campaign page on HIPGive so they complete their donation.


Anita spreads the word about HIP’s crowdfunding platform HIPGive and helps nonprofits achieve successful campaigns.

An honorary Latina who is raising her kids in Mexico, she feels more committed than ever to creating positive change in the local community, country, and region as a whole.